Rotary Club President Pockets P5M from Barangay Elections in Bohol

Bohol, Philippines – Willy Ramasola, a Boholano businessman based in Makati, has allegedly pocketed at least P5 million in political funds from Richli Water Corporation during the 2023 Barangay Elections in Balilihan, Bohol, according to sources.

The funding from Richli was expected by the barangay candidates under the Unabia camp, sources from Abante camp revealed.

Ramasola, president of Rotary Club San Juan Downtown, assured the barangay captains in Balilihan that he would deliver the money to the barangay captains and kagawads.

However, Ramasola enriched himself from the political funds instead, sources said.

Sources from Abante Bohol, the political party of Bohol Governor Aris Aumentado, have confirmed that Ramasola did not deliver the full amount of the political funds to the barangay captains and kagawads in Balilihan, Bohol.

“Ramasola kept a significant portion of the money for himself,” said one source in Cebuano language. “He was supposed to give each barangay captain P250,000 and each kagawad P100,000, but he gave nothing even a fraction of that amount.”

Another source said that Ramasola will reportedly use the money to fund his 89 cyberlibel cases filed by those he constantly maligned in socia media posts.

“Ramasola is a corrupt person,” said the source. “He is only interested in making money at the expense of those he fooled.”

Richli Water Corporation has an interest in Balilihan, Bohol for its Bugwak Water Project. The company was hoping to gain the support of the barangay captains and kagawads for the project.

However, the company’s political funding scheme went awry when Ramasola pocketed the money, sources said.

Sources say that Ramasola is now under investigation for corruption and money laundering.

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