Elizabeth Mall Denies Syringe Attack Rumors, says No Evidence Found

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CEBU CITY, Philippines – Elizabeth Mall, one of the popular shopping destinations in Cebu City, has issued a statement denying the rumors circulating online about a man with a syringe allegedly roaming around the mall and threatening to inject anyone.

The rumors started when a Facebook user posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, that his friend was almost injected by a man with a syringe inside the mall. The post claimed that the man was wearing a black jacket and a cap, and that he was targeting women and children. The post also warned the public to be careful and vigilant when going to the mall.

However, in a Facebook post dated Thursday, September 28, 2023, Elizabeth Mall said that they conducted an immediate investigation upon learning about the post, but found no evidence to support the claim. The mall said that they checked their CCTV footage, their security officers, and the police station, but none of them reported or recorded any incident as described in the post.

The mall also said that they reached out to the person who made the post and asked him and his friend to share more details to help their investigation. However, as of this writing, the mall has not received any response from them.

The mall assured the public that they have security measures in place and security officers that would prevent entry of any person with dangerous or harmful weapons. The mall also urged the public to report any suspicious or unlawful activities to their security office or to the nearest police station.

The mall’s statement can be viewed on their official Facebook page.

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