Danao City LGU Donates P20.8M Worth of School Buildings to DepEd

Danao City, Philippines – In a remarkable gesture of support for education and community development, the City Government of Danao, Cebu recently handed over 11 school buildings valued at 20.8 million pesos to DepEd Danao City Division.

The turnover ceremonies were personally led by Mayor Thomas Mark “Mix” Durano and Vice Mayor Ramon “Nito” D. Durano III, who expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the DepEd officials and staff, as well as the school principals and teachers, for their dedication and hard work in providing quality education to the students of Danao City.

The 11 school buildings, which were constructed using the City Government’s Special Education Fund (SEF), will benefit thousands of students from various schools under DepEd Danao City Division. These facilities are equipped with modern amenities and features, such as toilets, fans, lights, and furniture, to ensure a comfortable and conducive learning environment for the students.

The recipient schools and their corresponding facilities are as follows:

📍Bibiana Mercado Integrated School (one-storey, two classrooms)
📍Guinsay Elementary School (one-storey, two classrooms)
📍Quisol Integrated School (one-storey, two classrooms)
📍B. Durano Integrated School (one-storey, two classrooms)
📍Bayabas Integrated School (one-storey, two classrooms)
📍Cambubho Integrated School (one-storey, two classrooms)
📍Santikan Elementary School (one-storey, one classroom)
📍Raymunda B. Hermosilla Integrated School (one-storey, two classrooms)
📍Eduardo Gorre Integrated School (two classrooms with toilet)
📍Sta. Rosa Integrated School (two classrooms with toilet)
📍Gerardo Ypil Integrated School (two classrooms with toilet)

The timely turnover of these school buildings coincides with the Department of Education’s (DepEd) preparations for the upcoming school year 2023-2024. This initiative ensures that students have access to improved learning environments, fostering a conducive atmosphere for effective learning and growth.

Danao City’s unwavering commitment to education, in collaboration with DepEd Danao City Division, has persisted over the years, exemplified by its consistent and increasing SEF budget allocation. For the year 2023 alone, the City Government has allocated P31.7 million for the construction of more school buildings and other educational projects.

To express the City’s commitment in nurturing talent and excellence, a yearly recognition of Academic Achievers takes center stage annually where they are given cash, medals or plaques.

By prioritizing education and excellence, Danao City, under the Durano Administration, paves the way for a brighter future for its students, reaffirming its dedication to progress and growth through education, HERE AND NOW.

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