Cebu Bans Entry of Pork Products from Bohol due to ASF Outbreak

The province of Cebu has issued a temporary ban on the entry of live hogs, sows, piglets, boar semen, and pork-related products from Bohol province for a period of 60 days, starting from August 8, 2023. 

The ban was ordered by Cebu Governor Gwendolyn F. Garcia in response to the confirmed cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the municipality of Pilar, Bohol.

According to Executive Order No. 21, Series of 2023, the ban aims to protect the hog industry of Cebu from the threat of ASF, which is a highly contagious and fatal disease that affects domestic and wild pigs

The order also prohibits livestock transport trucks and reefer vans from Bohol, which were issued Cebu Provincial Livestock Transport Passes, from entering Cebu for the same period.

The Philippine National Police, Philippine Coast Guard, Cebu Port Authority, Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority, and mayors within the territorial jurisdiction of Cebu are called upon to monitor the strict implementation of the order. 

Violators of the law will be apprehended and penalized accordingly.

The order cites Section 16 of the Local Government Code (LGC), which grants every local government unit the power to exercise the necessary and appropriate measures for its efficient and effective governance and for the promotion of the general welfare. 

It also cites Section 17 of the LGC, which devolves the function of preventing and controlling animal pests and diseases to the province. 

Furthermore, the EO cites Section 465 of the LGC, which empowers the provincial governor to adopt adequate measures to safeguard and conserve the resources of the province and to call upon the appropriate national law enforcement agencies when public interest so requires.

The order will take effect immediately upon its issuance and will last until October 7, 2023 or until further notice.

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