African Swine Fever Outbreak in Bohol Confirmed by Pilar Mayor

The mayor of Pilar, Bohol, Wilson Pajo, confirmed that the dead pigs found in Barangay San Vicente were positive for African Swine Fever (ASF), a highly contagious and fatal disease that affects domestic and wild pigs. 

The mayor made the announcement yesterday, after receiving the results of the blood samples sent to a laboratory in Manila.

According to Pajo, the source of the infection is suspected to be a resident of Tagbilaran City, who visited or owned pigs in the affected barangay. 

The barangay is located in a mountainous area near the forest, and the houses are far apart from each other.

The mayor urged the public not to panic, as strict measures have been implemented to contain the outbreak. 

He said that representatives from the national Department of Agriculture (DA) will arrive tomorrow to assist in the monitoring and contact tracing of the town.

The contact tracing will cover a radius of 1,000 meters or 1 kilometer, and will include three barangays in Pilar. 

The mayor said that no other pigs within a 500-meter radius of the infected area tested positive for ASF.

The outbreak was first reported in late July 2023, when 87 pigs died or were culled in Barangay San Vicente. Twenty of them died naturally due to the virus, while the rest were euthanized by the Provincial Veterinary Office as a preventive measure.

ASF is a serious threat to the swine industry, as it can cause high mortality rates and economic losses. 

There is no vaccine or treatment for ASF, and the only way to prevent its spread is by implementing strict biosecurity measures, such as banning the movement of pigs and pork products, disinfecting farms and vehicles, and properly disposing of carcasses.

The public is advised to report any unusual deaths or symptoms of pigs to their local veterinary authorities, and to avoid feeding pigs with swill or leftovers that may contain contaminated meat.

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